Elect Mosley for Dekalb 

County School Board District 3

Addressing Pertinent Issues in the School Community


How Willie Mosley Will Address Issues

Elect Mosley for County School Board District 3 is dedicated in supporting Willie Mosley in his campaign in DeKalb, Georgia. We believe that through his commitment, experience, and sincerity, Willie Mosley will be able to be represent District 3 well. He aims to do the following.

  • Make a difference in the quality of student life.
  • Insist on an equitable, fair budget for all schools.
  • Encourage increased parent/family involvement.
  • Facilitate enhanced community partnerships.
  • Monitor educational goals of special needs students. 
  • Host periodic meetings with teachers and parents.
  • Improve reading and math scores through use of Title I funds to install new Reading and Math laboratories.
  • Reactivate school councils.
  • Return PTAs where missing.
  • Strengthen student-family and school-community bond in District 3.

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