Elect Mosley for Dekalb 

County School Board District 3

An Experienced, Dedicated, and Knowledgeable Candidate Ready to Serve District 3


About Willie R. Mosley, Jr. 

The Elect Mosley for DeKalb County School Board District 3 campaign aims to give Willie R. Mosley, Jr a seat in the school board in DeKalb, Georgia. Willie Mosley, a resident of Decatur, Georgia, has the experience, skill, and dedication needed to perform the duties of the job well. Here are his credentials. 

Community Service

  • District II Chair - PTA Parents Engagement
  • District II Region Vice President - City of Decatur, Rockdale County, Newton County and Dekalb County
  • Scholarship Technology Committee Board - Columbia Middle School
  • School Council President - Columbia High School
  • PTA President - Tony Elementary and Hambrick
  • Parliamentarian - Columbia Elementary PTA
  • Vice President - Columbia Valley Homeowner Association
  • PTA Vice-President - Robert Shaw Theme School
  • Chairperson - Men of Robert Shaw 
  • Board Member - Dekalb County Parks & Recreation (6 years)
  • Board Member - Dekalb County Youth Detention Juvenile Court System (4 years)
  • President - Greater Towers Community Association
  • Community Activist
  • Dekalb County Sheriff’s Advisory Board - Served as Secretary and Treasurer (3 years) Executive Board Member or Late Dekalb County Commissioner - Lou Walker (4 years)
  • Former Member of Marta’s Union #732 and ran for Union President
  • Coach Little League Football - City of Doraville (6 years)
  • Coach, AUU Boys and Girls Basketball - City of Doraville (6 years) 

Political Activity

  • 2006 Candidate for Dekalb County Commissioner, Super District 7
  • 2010 Candidate for Dekalb County School Board District 7
  • 2012 Candidate for Dekalb County School Board District 3 


  • Columbia High School Graduate, Dekalb County
  • Attended L. H. Bates University Technology School
  • City College of Chicago
  • Dekalb Community College 

Professional Experience

  • U.S. Army (12 years)
  • Owner of Peoples fashion
  • Owner of Moon Eye Construction
  • Owner of Mosley Cleaning Service
  • President of WRM Truck Driver Training Academy
  • President of Tire Disposal Removal Science 

Mission Statement

“Why am I running for DeKalb County Board of Education District 3?

I am running for DeKalb County Board of Education District 3 because, as a resident of South DeKalb, I know that our schools must do better, could offer more, need to engage our students more, should involve our families more, and also shall initiate challenges to the community for more meaningful partnerships.

As a parent of two students currently enrolled in schools in District 3, I have personal knowledge that, in some cases, our students are crying out for help. Yet, it appears that their cries have gone unheard, are muffled, and for some, extinguished without the professional attention needed on several levels.

We have to go back to the principle of providing quality basic education for our boys and girls. For our older students, how can a District 3 DeKalb Board of Education member as myself help level the playing field in the areas of access to knowledge, exposure to success, and the excitement of positive achievement as it relates to having or having access to current electronic production platforms?

For our younger students, early in their classroom environment, my team would help to partner them with successful role models who would freely tell their life stories, speak of their family and personal challenges, and rejoice with our young students in knowing that they, too, can dream and work their dreams into a positive reality.

As a parent, I know that the highest quality of the leadership of the DeKalb Board of Education for all districts, but especially in District 3, here in South DeKalb, is crucial in yielding success for all of our schools and all of our students, individually.

As your District 3 DeKalb Board of Education member, I would use the basic skills of coalition building, as was taught while I served in the Armed Forces, to bring our professional and homeowners associations, fraternal organizations, faith-based and civic groups, seniors, media personalities, and business owners to our school administrators.

I would do this so that a same mindset coalition for the betterment, lifting, and service to our students, their families, and our schools could be created and sustained.

I believe in accountability, accessibility, and communicating and, as your District 3 DeKalb Board of Education representative, I will publish a newsletter electronically and print formats so that my constituents would know about the Board’s annual reports, important Board votes and student-impacting projects.

The printed newsletter would be distributed to our families through the PTSAs, school counselors, and faith-based organizations in District 3 among others.

As an involved, active parent for my son and daughter, I know personally how the lack of accessibility to appropriate school administrators, educators and some of our current DeKalb Board of Education members can cause disappointments and discouragements as parents simply try to speak with others in the resolution of matters, concerns, questions and problems.

Therefore, as your District 3 DeKalb Board of Education member, I pledge to be accessible, to return your calls, to reply to your emails, and sometimes to simply listen to what you have to say. As a young boy, my mother’s approach to raising me and my siblings, was what I now know to have been fair, but for sure, hands-on.

I will be your hands-on representative by personally checking on and monitoring our schools, our after-school programs, our day care programs, our sporting events, our honors programs, our test performances, our visual and performing arts programs.

I will do this to have firsthand knowledge to share with you and to govern my votes, discussions, input, and actions accordingly. I am Willie R. Mosley, Jr., your candidate for the DeKalb Board of Education, District 3, asking for your concerns, volunteer time, support and vote.

Let’s Make a Change for the Better! Thank You!”

Issues to be Addressed